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Church Prayer Requests

Velma Thomason


Charlie Poole

Margie Mullins

Betty Miller

Paul Gabriel

Barbara Gabriel

Dale Davis

Ty Prather

Pauline Mullins

Shane Calllihan

Jeri Lynn Bishop

Jeff Weaver & Family

Shirley Patterson

Evelyn Knight

Curtis Turner

John Hogue

Dolly Hawkins

Lillian Long’s

G-Grand child

Diane Hogue

Jimmy Stewart

Dave Williams

Our Prayer Chest

Our Nation

Eleese Chastain

At Rock Creek Manor

Evelyn Thomason

Grand View Nursing home

Faye Walker

(Sister of

Melba Sullivan)

Rembert Stewart


Butch Brendel

Dialysis/ awaiting Kidney Donor

Cassidy Huffstetler

Radiation Treatments

(Daughter of

Melody Mullins )

Jackie Beavers

Bladder Cancer

(Friend of

David Stewart)

Marsha Brendel

Recovering at Home Surgery on hand

Justin Weaver

(High School Senior)

Serious Auto Accident

C.W. Matthews


(Friend of McConnell’s & Long’s)

Harland Lowe

4+ yrs-Leukemia

(Grandson of Mike Lowe)

Hubert Roland


Susie Young

Recovering at Home

Erma Green

Large Internal Mass

Continued Testing

(Mother of Sherri Mullins)

Hazel Mullinax

Recovering at Home

Michael Moore

Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

Ray Williams

Recovering at Home